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Priority Package

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Batch 2 is coming! Arrival to the Kengarden HQ 12/15 or 12/16. Get your order in now for shipping by the Christmas cutoff date!

The PRIORITY project combines the classic USPS sticker slap concept with kendama and accessories. I have been doing "Dama" stickers for years. While traveling as a kendama pro this sticker has made its mark in countries world wide. Now I am excited to have the ability to put it on a dama. I teamed up with Deal with It to put this dama on the DWI shape. The sidekick brings the project to a new level. The sidekick makes sure you're ready for the session no matter where you are. The had made sticker slap puts the art in your hand.

I love design. I love kendama. Any time I can bring the two together for the players I'm happy. Thank you all for making me happy. =)

Package Plus includes

-Priority Dama
-Priority Sidekick (with the chance of the "shiny" sidekick"
-KG USPS sticker slap
-Packaged in signed USPS envelope